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What I do

I find that Reiki and Australian Bush Flower essence remedies work so well together because they fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, or a hand in a glove. Both complement the other and work in unison on a metaphysical level in the form of vibrational medicine to restore energy flow and emotional balance within the body. Thus helping an individual to reintegrate mind, body and spirit with a sense of reconnection to inner self and self-empowerment.

Realising inner potential to access a process of:

Regaining control over the emotions,

Raising awareness of negative attitudes and behavioural patterns,

Releasing these and thereby,

Reducing anxiety and stress levels,

Restoring a sense of inner calm and peace,

Working towards living in a state of equilibrium emotionally balanced through personal strength of character,

Regaining self control and feeling more equipped to deal with life's everyday stresses,

Being able to ride the waves of the ebb and flow of life's tides.

The goal being not falling off or out of the boat as many times and being able to swim to save yourself when you do! Likewise, making the journey you share with your loved ones less bumpy too!

What do ‘we’ do

Together we explore what it is you want to address first.

You identify your priorities.

I offer a healing helpful hand along your own individual and unique healing journey.

I am here to serve, an instrument of healing to guide you.

You are responsible for your own healing.


The consultation

On arrival we go through an informal chat to obtain accurate client background information and explore/identify the issue of concern. Following the first initial consultation, I usually like to perform the Reiki consultation first, then followed up by a ABFE catch up regarding any changes in the treatment plan formulated by the client and at the clients pace. If both modalities are booked by the client. Allowing a 2- 2.5 hour combined appointment.

Reiki appointments are usually 1.5 hours average. Wear comfortable fitting clothes. Remembering the client remains fully dressed as this is not a massage therapy. Drink plenty of fluid afterwards.



The drops regime is explained as follows


Routinely the dose strength remedies I prepare for clients are individualised to suit their needs at the time of consultation and contain 7 drops of the chosen Australian Bush Flower Essence stock strength and 15 mls of good quality pure spring water. The 15 ml remedy dose is taken over a two week period 7 drops under the tongue (sublingually), on arising in the morning and retiring at night.

A follow up appointment may be requested to be booked by the client to review their progress or at the discretion and wishes of the client. Stock strength flower essences I purchase from the Australian Bush Flower Foundation directly are used to dilute to dose strength at the recommended ratio. Preservative brandy is contained within the stock strength flower essences.

I usually do not add any further to preserve the dose strength flower essence remedies unless requested by the client. As long as the client can keep the dose bottle refrigerated.

Dose strength Australian Bush Flower essence remedy drop bottles not containing further preservative brandy added will need to be kept refrigerated to preserve the healing vibrational properties of the flower essence remedies. If this is not practical for client access or use, preservative brandy is added on preparation of the remedy at a ratio of 25% in accordance with prescribing guidelines set by the ABFE Foundation. 

If you have any concerns or questions around this, please feel free to contact me.


For all creatures great and small.
Children, animals and big kids too!!!



We all live on this planet together.

In a state of interconnection.

Humans, the animal kingdom, mother nature, father sky, the planet, the elements, the galaxy, the universe.

Plants, animals, the earth, the sun, the water, the air are all intertwined in a rhythmic dance of life.

Life energy flows through and within all of us.


Plants, flowers and the nature within the natural environment among the bush, the forest, the desert or the ocean, coastline and beach are there to give humans and animals not only a food source but a source of joy, fun, calm and peace. We all have at some stage walked among nature whether it be the bush or the beach and felt a strong connection and feeling of release and peace within ourselves. On taking a deep breath of fresh air in these areas of nature, one can usually connect with and feel a profound sense of unity and calm deep within our core and inner being.


Animals sense how we feel.

We sense how our animal companions feel.

Children sense how their parents feel.

Parents sense how their children feel.


Being able to ‘read’ one another's feelings and emotions.

Is being entwined in each other's auras and subtle bodies.

Even if unaware, or ‘not into that sort of thing’, We do actually all do it and feel it at some point.


I think most of us would agree that we soon know whether we like or resonate with another being when we meet them.

Whether it be a human or animal.

And vice versa.


Animals and children are generally sound judges of character.

They are fully in tune with themselves.


They pick up on the feelings and of their carers.

Even to the extent of mirroring this and their behaviour.

Animals have been known to, particularly dogs, mirror their owners physical illnesses.

In an effort to provide their owners healing.


In a perfect world everyone would treat one another how they would like, or expect to be treated.

It’s what we all ‘put out there’ and radiate that will have a flow on effect upon those close to us and that we hold dear to our hearts.


So let's all work shining our lights together.

After all, we are all interconnected!

All creatures great and small. Children, animals and big kids too!!!

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