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Following in her mothers caring and loving footsteps to look after sick neighbours, the innate capacity to heal came out, although unaware of it as a child.  When Deb was young she brought home an injured black bird who sadly did not survive, in doing this it may have influenced her dad to bring home an injured magpie to nurture back to health. In the success of healing the magpie, "Grumpy" (the magpie) went on to become a family member for some time.

Deb, however, left the nest at age 19 and went onto complete nursing training at Geelong Hospital- which became a valuable life skill and experience for 40 years. Ranging from chapters in Aged care, Community and school Immunization, Correctional Health and Post Graduate Diploma in Drugs and Alcohol. 

Her passion has always been to help others and is now particularly focused on helping others to help themselves. Working towards healing themselves emotionally. Since her interest in holistic therapies started in 1997 she has been fascinated with the mind-body-spirit/soul connection and how emotions manifest in our physical body. Realising the connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviours is a vital stepping stone to understanding and being aware. It helps us be aware of our negative attitudes and thought patterns that arise from time to time and how to deal with these in a healthy way, grow personally and together.

Through her healing journey she has studied guided esoteric spiritual healing practice, Mindfulness, meditation, Reiki Levels I, II & Third Degree Masters, Numerology, Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) and Spiritual Essences, Certified ABFE Teacher in red beside the ABFE Master Practitioner. 


Starting and ending each day with a sense of gratitude opens our hearts and connects us to our higher powers.

You can also find me as a member of Reiki Australia.
Go to  and just search for "Deb Sharpe". 



I aim to provide personalised client energetic balance, through my Reiki. ABFE skills complemented by the use of Numerology, intuition and crystals.


Personalised- for self, family, relationships and aging.

     - animal friends/companions;

     - children, adjusting to life events, milestones, school & study.


From the age of a child to where we may find ourselves now; in our life journey and where it has led us, our inner essence and our true self (Higher self) is still guiding us intuitively. We hold the answers and keys we search for right there inside ourselves. 

Listening to our hearts helps us to remember our inner essence and reflects who we truly are. 

Have you ever reminisced when you look at old photographs and step back in time virtually? Almost like part of yourself could relive those memories.

Some joyful, some happy.

Others even in their sadness still resonate with a part of you.

They bring back a part of you- your inner essence and reconnect with your inner self.

The feelings this invokes may also remind you of negative emotions and associated reactions at the time.

Negative behaviour and their patterns may sometimes result in energy blocks.

These blockages in vital energy flow are related to interruptions of movement.

Emotion is energy in motion. E-motion.

This explains why we may sometimes not know how we feel or have difficulty expressing how we feel- our emotions.

If left unaddressed, blocked feelings go on to manifest within our physical body and contribute to a state of illness and imbalance.

When we are out of balance we may feel a lack of connection, isolated, alienated and alone. With a sense of wanting to belong.

This is where Vibrational medicine can be helpful in restoring this connection.


Realising and gaining understanding of the effects our thoughts and attitudes can have upon our behaviour, and in turn how this impacts our reaction to others and particular situations in life are steps in the healing process.

Our subtle body energy system carries our spiritual blueprint, like a fingerprint.

Our identity on a metaphysical level.

It is our actions, not our reactions that define us.


Seeking balanced expression between the physical, mental and spiritual/emotional planes allows one to learn to identify and be at one and in harmony with one's thoughts and feelings.


Vibrational medicine elements such as Reiki, ABFE's and Numerology resonate with me because they fit together so well like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a metaphysical context.

I feel so honoured and passionate in my commitment to share these elements with others to help them to restore their own personalised vibration and energy. To shine to their potential, release inherent capabilities and get energy in motion flowing.

It's about living in, and with, harmony as best we can. 

About 'doing' and 'being', 'knowing' and 'acting' - not reacting.


When we find harmony it's like beautiful music we can't help but to share it and it and the joy rubs off onto others!

(That is also relevant to the photo of my beautiful daughter playing the flute).


So to me, when we reminisce, it's about respecting the past but not living in it, and understanding who we are now.


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