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All creatures big and small

“If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit,
for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to man.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth”

- Chief Seattle of the Suwamish Tribe, Letter to President Franklin Pierce, 1854.

There is an ever-growing need from animal owners wishing to enhance the wellbeing of their animal companions and pets. The energetic healing properties of Reiki and Australian Bush Flower Essences unite us all with the animal worlds with which we share this planet. We have a responsibility and obligation to our animals. 

Animals have been known to take on and physically manifest alignments and similar conditions to those of their owners in a subtle attempt to heal them. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. We are interconnected energetically. Animals have an advantage over humans in that they possess a sixth sense. An innate knowing and intuition that comes naturally for them. Humans must work harder to connect with and tap into their inner knowing and sense of inner truth known as intuition. 

It is humans who have taken away the natural behaviours and instincts of animals to domesticate them and almost make them live like humans. Placing an expectation upon companion animals to lose touch with their natural instincts to conform and live acceptably. Thereby uprooting them on an energetic level from their innate nature. 

The natural healing methods and modalities that I use in my clinical practice for humans can also be applied to our animals within their various journeys during their lifetime. Assisting them to feel grounded and secure again. I find animals are very receptive and respond positively to vibrational medicine because their focus is to live in the present time. According to current knowledge, they do not appear to think about what tomorrow will bring. Although they will fear the repeat of a past hurt.  

Reiki technique and Australian Bush Flower Essences assist us and our animal companions to realign with the energies of nature and regain a sense of feeling centred and grounded emotionally. Which has a flow on effect upon those we live with and the rest of the household. Once a behavioural problem is looked at through the eyes of the animal the emotion behind it can be revealed. The flow on effect of this is that physical manifestations can then be eased or alleviated. 

Owners can use strategies set out within individualised treatment plans that I provide, to support their pets through issues such as: 

  •  Separation anxiety, 

  •  Fear aggression,  

  • Fear of travelling 

  • Learning difficulties during training, 

  • Adapting to new households or being re-homed.  

  • Emotional issues following death of their owner can impact upon animals suffering grief, loss of relationships and sadness.  

For example: A Staffordshire Terrier by the name of Rubi, treated with a Flower Essence for anxiety had an improvement in her hypervigilance and was also relieved of an ongoing issue of flatulence.  

Another Staffy by the name of Bullet found confidence to face his fear of water according to his owner Leon. 

Reiki and ABFE were helpful for Brock following surgery and during terminal illness and palliative care management according to his owner Kelly.  

Interhousehold relationships between cats can cause problems for their owners as per Kerryn’s testimonial regarding Tilly and Marley following the loss of their older cat Josie, who was topcat! The bush flower essences helped to restore a sense of harmony, balance and order between felines and humans.  

Deb is a Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher, Certified with the Reiki Healing Association in January 2024.

Pricing Information

Australian Bush Flower Essence sessions are between half hour to one hour in length. You also receive a personalised 2 week course of essence drops.

per session

To compliment the Australian Bush Flower Essence treatment, a Reiki consultation can be included for an extra $20.

" The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

   We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift". - Albert Einstein.

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