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Vibrational Medicine


Vibrational Medicine

"The concept that human beings are multidimensional energy systems is an idea that stems from the Einsteinian realization that matter and energy are dual expressions of the same universal substrate that makes up all things." - The Practitioner's Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies; the definitive guide to all flower essences, their making and uses.

The Vibrational medicine model, holds this light/energy connection viewing human beings as multidimensional beings consisting of more than a physical body and brain. While our physical body is fed by nutrients and oxygen, it is also nourished by subtle environmental energies such as prana and Qi, absorbed through the acupuncture meridian system and chakra systems. 


The human system is multi-dimensional and consists of a physical body and subtle energy anatomy.  The subtle energy component is expressed as emotions and attitudes to life. 

They influence the subtle energy structures through which life energy flows into the body and mind. Modifying energy flow through the acupuncture meridians, the chakras and subtle bodies. 

Imbalances within the chakras manifest through interruption to energy flow and movement by negative emotional conditions, attitudes, thought patterns manifesting as behavioural problems and ultimately physical illness.

Emotion is, energy emotion; E-motion.

What is Subtle Body Energy Anatomy?

The human body draws energy into itself from a universal energy field. All that is contained within and outside of our universe vibrates with energy. Also known as life force. The multi-dimensional human energy field is a manifestation of this universal energy life force that exists in and around the human physical body. This metaphysical body consists of an outer boundary similar in nature to a protective cocoon surrounding the physical human body. Commonly referred to as the aura. This auric field contains seven subtle bodies known as the Etheric body, Lower Emotional body, Lower mental body, Astral body, Causal body, Celestial body and the Ketheric body. There are seven special energy centres that are located within the etheric field of the body known as Chakras which run along the midline along the line of the spinal column. Each chakra is associated with a major nerve plexus and also with major endocrine glands within the human physical body. Life force energy flows into the etheric body through the chakras which are all connected with the energy lines of the body known as meridians. This energy continues moving through the meridians into the physical system after being transmuted into a usable level of frequency by the relevant chakras.

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