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What is Reiki?

The Usui Method of Natural Healing

In answering this question it is easier to first state what Reiki is not. It is NOT a religion nor is it associated with any religion sect or cult, and it is not based on creeds or beliefs contradictory to universal laws of love and light. It embraces all philosophies of systems and thought.

Reiki is an alternative name for the Usui Method of Natural healing.

It is a Japanese word of two syllables:
REI (pronounced "ray") = Universal Spirit or Essence; and

KI (pronounced "key") = Life energy light or Chi (as in Tai Chi).

So therefore Reiki means Universal Spirit of Life, or Universal Life Energy. The energy of life is all around us and continuously flowing through us.

This energy is the difference between a piece of wood and a tree, both are made of the same basic components (cellulose), but one is dead (no life energy) and the other is alive (plenty of life energy).

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The flow of Life Energy through us is what keeps us alive. Yet this flow is uneven for many. The stresses and tensions of daily living, and our thought patterns, combine to create blocks and imbalances to the flow. These blocks are reflected in the body and can manifest as malfunctions or disease.

The discipline of Reiki has to do with the use of Universal Life Energy in a healing capacity. People trained in Reiki can tap into the supply of Life Energy and channel it through their bodies to the receiver. During this channelling the energy needs of the Reiki practitioner, the 'channel', are supplemented and maintained (they do not drain their own resources).

Once in the receiver, the energy goes to where it is needed. It is important to always remember that:

Reiki does not heal. Rather, it empowers the receiver to take the next most appropriate step in their growth and development, their highest soul purpose. This is usually to redress energy imbalances and activate natural repair mechanisms (and seek assistance from health care professionals if needed). Thus the receivers actually heal themselves.


Pricing Information

Reiki sessions are between one and one and half hours in length.

per session

To compliment the Reiki treatment, an Australian Bush Flower Essences consultation can be added at a discounted cost.
*Please note additional time will be needed for the extra consultation.

The spiritual rules of life

Just for today

be free and happy,

Just for today

have joy,

Just for today

you are taken care of,

Live consciously in the moment

take your blessings with gratitude,

Respect your parents’ teachers and elders,
earn your bread honestly,

Love others as you love yourself.

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