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Beach at Sunset


Deb did some bush flower essences for me. She was so thorough in obtaining information from me and is so calm and gentle I felt really comfortable with talking to her to explore my needs. She really understood what I needed and what would work well for me and my remedies were beautiful and so utterly catered especially for me!  Deb checked in on me whilst I was taking the first course and that was really reassuring. I had been having issues with itchy skin and the drops worked beautifully. My skin was so soothed and healed really well. She even made drops for me to put in the bath!  I started a secondary course and have been feeling more open and creative, I am not itchy and on the whole feel fabulous. I can't wait for my next round to continue my healing.


Mel & Ruby

I asked Deb to see my little Staffy dog Rubi for her anxiety & stress. Deb was so gentle with Rubi, in her touch & the way she communicated with her. Rubi looked up at Deb with her little brown eyes like she was understanding what Deb was saying to her. Deb made up some bush flower essence drops for Rubi & we did notice a difference in her, she seemed more relaxed & happy. My son even noticed she wasn't holding her tail between her legs as much, & she was giving him kisses on the face, which she didn't normally do. You honestly couldn't get a more gentle & beautiful soul than Deb xo



I have seen Debbie a few times now and can't recommend her highly enough. I always leave my time with her with a huge sense of peace. The bush flower essences have been very beneficial. Debbie has helped me through Reiki and the use of the essences. I am very greatful and appreciative of the time she spends with me. Thank you.



I first began taking my son, Elijah to see Deb in May 2022. Lij (who was 8 years old at the time) was struggling with anxiety and getting stuck on negative “loops” of thought, which was very distressing for him, but also for me as his mother. After speaking to our trusted naturopath for advice, she suggested that I take him to see Deb, as she believed that his underlying issues were mainly emotional. This was a welcome suggestion, as he was otherwise a very outgoing and confident child.

And what a blessing that decision was!

Deb is an archetypal mother type, brimming with unconditional love and understanding, nurturing, care and a good dose of fun! She patiently helped us to unpack the underlying issues that were creating blockages in my sons energetic flow and each session he was prescribed a particular essence to support him through the predominant issue at that point in time. 

One of the things I appreciated most about working with Deb was her trust in my son. She never attempted to override his opinions on what was bothering him and trusted his intuition. It never ceased to amaze me when Deb would lay out her bush flower essence cards and ask for Lij to pick out a flower that he was drawn to. 10 times out of 10 the flower that he chose held properties that directly corresponded to support the issue he was experiencing.  

I also saw Deb myself to work through a period of complete overwhelm after giving birth to my 2 daughters 12 months apart during the Covid lockdowns in 2020. Deb also helped to gently support the weaning process with my daughters after 3 and a half years of breastfeeding, which I could not have been more grateful for.

I cannot speak highly enough about Deb, and she has inspired me on my own journey of self discovery and learning to support and heal my family.

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