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Flowers- they symbolise Love and Friendship.

They can be seen to offer the antidote to stress.


What are Australian Bush Flower Essences?

In answering this question, it is easier to first state what Australian Bush Flower Essences are not.

They are not essential oils derived from flower essences for use in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a branch of vibrational medicine different to Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedies.


Essential oils are what they suggest—oils that are pressed and extracted from the flower/plant. Including properties and fragrances which are therapeutic through professionally directed qualified Aromatherapy practitioner use- generally diluted inhalation/diffusion and diluted topical application.


Australian Bush Flower Essence remedies are odourless. Specifically selected flower petals are collected in a process involving gentle handling. Alchemical in nature. Whereby the petals float in purified spring water in a clear bowl placed in direct sunlight (In Australian conditions) for a specified time. This helps facilitate an energy exchange process releasing the healing qualities of the essence of the flower into the water. The water collected is filtered and preserved with brandy resulting in a Mother Tincture, which is then diluted into stock strength and further dose strength through professionally directed qualified Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner use.


Flower essences do not work like drugs by binding to specialised receptors throughout the cells in the body. They are inexpensive, easy to use and free from unpleasant side effects. They do not contain active chemicals or the properties of pharmaceuticals. Their own essence has a vibration signature specific to the flower containing their personalised energy. Taken in purified still water (which has its own vibration), it is like liquid energy that interacts with each person's individualised life force. 


To understand how Australian Bush Flower Essences work, we need to be familiar with the idea that life force/energy flows through all living things. 


Flower Essences and Reiki are valuable healing tools that come together under the umbrella of the new Vibrational Medicine Model of the 21st century.

They work so well in combination and unison to release negative, low-level energy, realign the Chakra and Subtle Body energy centres, to restore peace, harmony and equilibrium of mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Edward Bach

The healing properties of flower essences have been used throughout history for hundreds of years; 
Used widely by our indigenous Australian aborigines, and many other cultures including;
The Ancient Egyptians; who perfected the art of aromatherapy and distilled flowers;
In the Himalayan mountains in Ayurveda (science of life) an ancient system of natural medicine;
Native Americans of Northern America and Russian Koldum medicine people of the Caucasus mountains, Malaysia and South Africa.

However, the modern pioneer of Flower Essences was Edward Bach (1886-1936).

and formulated the Bach Flower remedies.
He was an English homeopath who discovered that the healing properties found in the dew on
flower petals retain the energetic imprint of the flower or plant. He devoted his life to devising
the 38 remedies, and realised the connection between stress, emotions and physical illness.
Applying the principle of natural healing to the healing qualities of the English wild flowers and
plants. Deb recalls using these remedies, particularly Rescue Remedy for her children and dog
companions in the 1980s-1990s.

He recognised the connection between stress, emotions and physical illness.

Deb uses Australian Bush Flower Essences that have been a branch of this 'age-old study', perfected to the Australian Native Bush flowers by Ian White.

Ian White is a fifth generation Australian Naturopath who has applied the principle of natural healing to the individual and unique healing qualities of the native Australian bush flowers and plants relevant to Australia.

He has dedicated his life to the development of 69 flower essences to date. Ian is personally responsible for manufacturing the
ABFE range which is supplied to health professional retail outlets and qualified ABFE practitioners across Australia and internationally.
The process of identifying and selecting specific native Australian Bush flowers to obtain the
individual signature essences is directly undertaken by Ian himself. Travelling to remote bush
and desert areas. Not all native flowers and plants are for this application.

Pricing Information

Australian Bush Flower Essence sessions are between half hour to one hour in length. You also receive a personalised 2 week course of essence drops.

$80 initial consult

$65 for follow up
*2 week course of drops included usually $15 - 15ml bottles

*Please note each blend and situation is different, these prices are a guide.

To compliment the Australian Bush Flower Essence treatment, a Reiki consultation can be added at a discounted cost.
*Please note additional time will be needed for the extra consultation.

" The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

   We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift". - Albert Einstein.

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